How to Make Simple and Stylish Nail Art Designs at Home


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The female folk, both young and old, love nail designs which have become quite popular these days. Most women and girls want to have one or the other of such design so that she too can look trendy. Though stylish nail art designs are simple to make, you may not have the time and even interest to go to the nail art salons or beauty parlors and get some beautiful nail art done for you. However, there is nothing to worry about because you can easily make these designs right from your home. You may worry that you do not have the skill to paint and use brush strokes to make nail art designs. However, the process is simple and does not require special skills to make. In this piece, we will examine how you may do nail art designs at home, the tools that you need, and different stylish nail art designs you may adorn your nail with.

What You Need to do Stylish Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Pens: These types of pens help you to get the kind of nail art designs that you have always wanted. These pens are very useful because they have the precision of brush applicator and they are also easy to use. To use them, you need to apply base coat and dry it completely. After this, just apply the art design with the help of the pen. You may apply the pens as if you were drawing on a paper or so. The result will be amazing after you let it dry and seal it with top coat.

Nail Art Pens for Nail Art Designing on Mobile Cover

Decals Stickers: As the name suggests, decal stickers stick to the nails to create amazing beauty. Most women often buy some attractive decals stickers from a beauty shop and follow the instructions given on the packet containing these stickers regarding how to apply them. Normally, what you should do is to give a base coat, place the decal on your nail and gently press down on the dried nail polish for great effect. After this, just apply top coat to complete the design.

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Nail Art Canes: Many nail products makers use polymer clay to make canes with attractive designs. These beautiful designs tools are mostly handmade and their diameter is around 1/8 inch and 1/2-inch. The designs with nail art canes are of tiny sizes, but the designs are clearly visible. In addition, you need to take a sharp blade and cut slices from these canes. Make some of them warm before slicing. Then, embed the design on your acrylic or nail gel. Nail art canes can also be used with nail polish. But, it is advisable to use acrylic-based polish when using cane slices.

Beautiful Nail Art with Nailart Canes for Different Designs

Nail Art Kits: Nail art kits that contain tools like nail polishes of various colors, gems, brush applicator, sequins, rhinestones and others are good to decorate your design. With nail art kits, you have access to varieties of tools to make your design task easier and you need not search for them separately. The kits help you to make interesting designs.

Master Nail Art Kit for Designer Girls

With the materials and tools we have discussed above, you are now ready to make different nail art designs of your choice. Let us discuss some of the most popular nail art designs that are currently trending.

Simple Nail Art Designs You Can Do at Home

Textured Nail Art Designs: Textured nail art designs are very beautiful with innovative design ideas. This design gives you a unique feeling. For clarity, texture is about the feel of a surface and nails can be designed creatively with different ways, giving a unique feel. When an expert helps you with this design, he may do so by blending two nail paints and then randomly spreading it through nails. The design also gives you options to use a small blob, safety pin, or brushes to add texture to polished nails. Many a time, it is fascinating to try an incredible range of ideas in texturing nails.

Airbrushed Nail Art Design: Airbrushed nail art design is another fantastic nail design that you can put on and look great in. it is the kind of design that delivers a smooth and striking look to your nails. If you want to add to your elegance and appearance overall, airbrush nail art design is a good choice. This design simply makes use of sprays or airbrush machines. Usually, a stencil is placed on the nail and then the airbrush machine nail polish is sprayed over the nails throughout.  This design can further be enhanced by add-ons like piercing and decals. You can do this design in as many colors as you want.

Hand-Painted Flora Design: There are also hand-painted floral nail art designs that are beautiful choices for women who are passionate about the look of their nails. When applied, you get a completely new feeling, structure, and elegance to the nails. This design you can do from home easily or you may call specialist nail designers for the purpose. With this design, you are able to make artistic and innovative designs with your hands.  You may decide to add some glitters to this design and you will have more charm and excellence to your appearance.

The above are some designs that you can try putting on your nails and you will look great anytime. Nonetheless, creating decorative nail art designs on nails is not always easy and requires expertise and creativity to accomplish. However, you can learn the art and do it yourself right from home. But, if you are planning on some intricate nail art designs, you may want to call in a professional to help you out with great designs.

No doubt, a well-done nail art design can brighten up your overall appearance and complement any outfit you put on to a great extent. If you want some designs that vary from subtle and delicate designs to bold and funky designs, why not start practicing now? The result will amaze you!