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Woman is the most beautiful creation of God. In fact, God must have taken leave for several days to perfect the design. God has done his part. Have we done ours to maintain the beauty of woman? By beauty, we mean both inner as well as external beauty. We must admit our inability to render complete justice to God’s wonderful creation. However, there is no cause for despair. You can correct everything in life. This website is one such small step towards a correction of this anomaly.

About Mehandi, the dye: Brief history

Colors have always fascinated woman right since her creation. There can be nothing better than using natural colors. You can say mehndi is naturally occurring color. You derive mehandi powder for the leaves of the ‘henna’ plant. Mehandi comes from the Sanskrit word ‘mendhika’. As per ancient Hindu Vedic customs, people used to mix mehandi with turmeric and apply on their palms and other places in the body during rituals such as weddings etc. This is the symbolic ‘awakening of the inner light’ in a human’s body.

Subsequently, mehandi spread to other parts of the world. People in different countries started creating their own designs such as Arabic mehandi designs, Pakistani mehandi designs and so on. However, the basic concept remained the same. It was to awaken the inner consciousness of a person.

Different from tattoos:

The mehandi influence spread to the Western world too. They started to use a variant to the traditional Vedic procedure. Instead of using plant dye, they started using chemical dyes. They use piercing needles to etch the chemical colors onto the body. This has a detrimental effect on the human body resulting in many complications.

Applying a mixture of mehandi and turmeric in its natural pure form does not have any side effects at all. In fact, it cools down the human body to perfectly comfortable temperatures. Secondly, mehandi is a topical application and does not penetrate the skin. It can add beauty to a woman’s personality without affecting her health in any way. It is not beautiful.

About Mehandi, the website:

We bring to you the entire goodness of natural mehandi. We advocate the use of naturally occurring dyes and materials as against harmful chemicals. We endeavor to enhance the external beauty of the woman without causing any harm to her inner beauty. In fact, we bring out her inner beauty to the surface aptly complementing her external appearance.

As far as designs are concerned, we have millions of them. We can ensure that no two designs would be similar. In fact, this is our specialty. Our mehandi artists are very skillful. They can shape out beautiful and geometrically symmetrical designs on your hands, feet, and any part of the body you wish. We do this without compromising on the inner beauty. The result would make you look sparkling from outside and make you feel internally resplendent.

You can browse through our entire range of designs in our website www.mehandi.net.