Significance & Different Types of Mehandi Designs



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Mehndi is a Sanskrit word that refers to a paste that is applied usually on the hands or feet on traditional events. The use of mehndi dates back to the earliest Hindus who used it in various religious rituals. Mehndi application is very common in Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Maldives but the growing trend of applying mehndi as a temporary tattoo has grabbed the attention of a lot of western countries too. Henna artists have been trying new techniques and designs to apply mehndi on girls for parties or weddings. The mehndi designs are a blend of artistry and creativity which creates patterns and sketches an impression of intricate lacework. This feminine art practice beautifies your hands and feet. Mehndi is applied according to what the event is. Brides and Newly Weds usually apply a deep mesh or mehndi but young girls go for delicate designs of flowers. This style of body art is easy to apply and not harmful for the skin.

There are many types of mehndi designs that are categorized as:

Arabic Mehndi Design

This is the latest form of design that includes thick application of designs that include roses and dots. The design is not that complex, and it doesn’t fill up a greater area of the hand. There are more spaces and all the fingers are not filled. Arabic Mehndi design is exquisite and graceful. Arabic Mehndi layouts have a combination of dark brown and black hues which doesn’t involve a lot of shading in the hollow designs.

Dulhan Mehndi

Henna artists work with special mehndi cones that have smaller and thinner openings. There are a lot of floral patterns and carries used in application of Dulhan Mehndi. Henna artists finish the whole look by filling up any empty spaces so that the whole hand till the elbow is occupied. Some brides also get themselves a strand of mehndi design on their arm which is quite unique and beautiful on its own.

Simple Tikkiya Mehndi

This kind of mehndi design is very common and people who don’t know how to apply mehndi can even try this on themselves. This design revolves around a mehndi filled sphere which is outlined with small flowers or dots so that it doesn’t seem dull and boring. All five finger tips are filled with mehndi and the rest of the part is left as it is. This design is uncomplicated so it is chosen by a lot of young girls and children.

Embellished and Glittering Mehndi

As the name suggests this mehndi design is very contemporary and modern as it involves a lot of shiny beads and glitter. Henna artists either apply colored mehndi or the basic black or red mehndi before they bejewel it. Once the mehndi dries off a little they use sticks or brushes to glue small rhinestones to let your hands or feet sparkle their way. They don’t involve complex or difficult designs but it includes more of petals and blossoming florets.

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