Bridal mehndi designs for full hands 2016


In India, the system of applying Mehendi before her wedding day to the arms, feet and palms of the bride has a rich historic and societal value. No conventional or auspicious Indian wedding extravaganza is complete without the Mehendi rite. All the marriage festivities of Roka, Nikah, Sangeet, etc are incomplete if the bride is not adorning her hands with the different number of Henna or Mehendi designs. Based on social customs Mehendi is thought of as an auspicious element of the wedding. The bridegroom is then got to search out his name from the Mehendi inscribed on his arm that was loved.
Since it makes their arms appear magnificent throughout the wedding ceremonies, full arm Mehendi is much favored by brides. In India, the new bride isn’t permitted to do any work till the auspicious Mehendi has faded from her arms..