Charming Mehandi Tattos For Shoulder


Looking for new tendencies? Look no more, The Mehndi tattoos are what you are looking for.
The Mehndi tattoos are nonpermanent and are an excellent way to express your inner strength.

Remember, the Mehndi tattoos are not only meant to be beautiful, but they also have a powerful meaning. These tattoos are meant to be a representation of our inner strength, of our sun. They are also seen as the awakening of our inner light.
And that´s why in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other neighboring countries, they use them in very special occasions such as religious events and ceremonies.

None the less this beautiful tradition has been expanding all over the world, bringing joy to those who wear them. Due to the worldwide expansion a number of colors available is growing very fast. Making the Mehndi tattoos more fun and diverse.

If you are still insecure of giving this new tendency a try, remember it´s only temporal. It will fade away in a short time and you will only stay with a beautiful memory and maybe with some fantastic pictures.

When choosing the model of your tattoo, keep in mind that it should fit your personality. At first you should take a look at our easy Arabic designs of mehndi tattoos images. See if you get inspired by those models.

It´s also nice to know that each form and design has a meaning, and that the part where we decided to place it also plays a role.

The Mehndi tattoos that you have probably already seen are the ones that are made in the hands. Before seeing our simple mehndi designs images for hands, you should get a grasp of their meaning. If you place your tattoo on the palm, you are more likely to be blessed. But if you put it on the top you are more likely to be protected.

But if you are looking for a bolder and authentic look, you should download our simple mehndi designs tattoos for the shoulder.

Tattoos on your shoulder are the proof of your determination and your boldness. It shows that you are not afraid to make mistakes.
The shoulder is the best place to get a Mehndi tattoo since it´s the best place for intricate designs.

The most common designs used in Mehndi tattoos are flowers. They are meant to represent happiness, growth and joy. They also express the woman´s sensuality, clarity, elegance and femininity.

You can check out the mehendi stickers here.

Flowers are the perfect way to start since you can base yourself on our easy Arabic designs of mehndi tattoos images. Flowers can also be a really nice touch and never out of date.

Another common design among the Mehndi world can be birds. Birds represent freedom and clarity. Each bird brings a different meaning to the table. For example if you get a beautiful peacock, it will show your tendency to appreciate beauty. If you get a Swan, it will show your predetermination to success.

You can check out the beautiful peacock style of mehndi designs.

After choosing the perfect tattoo amongst our images, remember that Mehndi tattoos can last up to 2 weeks or even more!