Easy Arabic Mehndi Designs 


Brief Overview on Arabic Mehandi Designs

Arabic mehndi designs for full hands, feet, and body are one of the most intriguing piece of art performed by many Indian women of all age. Having a wide variation of amazingly creative design and style, mehndi have been popularized and praised for its uniqueness.

Probably, you may want to learn here some quick overview on Arabic mehndi designs and get inspired to try.

What are mehndi designs?

Mehandi designs were traditionally used by Indian women on weddings, religious events, and traditional ceremonies. It is a temporary painted design on the body with the use of a mehndi or henna paste. It is temporarily designed on women or sometimes men’s palm, hands, feet, shoulders, and chest. According to the Hindu Vedic book of rituals, the mehndi designs are symbols of inner and outer sun focused to the awakening of light.

Through generations, Mehandi designs were adopted not only by Western Indians but also on the neighbor countries such as Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. And in the new era, many have enjoyed henna tattoo having the same approach.

Significance of Mehandi for Indians

That being said, Mehandi is designed for women on or before their wedding ceremony. Bridal mehndi designs for full hands significantly means to bond the couples and follow their religious tradition all throughout their life. In the Northern India, they celebrate a prenuptial ceremony called Mehndi Ki Raat.  This is a mehndi ceremony where all the family and relatives  practice the tradition. Thus, in the recent tradition, the groom also saw wearing a mehndi design.

Here are a few beliefs with regards on putting a bridal mehndi design on full hands:

  • Symbol of fertility.
  • The longer the mehndi design stick its color the more fortune both couples received.
  • The color vibrant of mehndi signifies love and understanding for the bride and her in-laws.
  • The deeper the mehndi color, the deeper the bride is loved by the groom.

However, because mehndi designs were widely spread and popularized, any gender, age, and nationality can now have a mehndi design on their full hands, feet, and body.

Who can wear and enjoy the mehndi designs?

Besides having an easy Arabic mehndi designs for bridals, there is also jaw dropping Mehandi designs for kids. Having the same approach, Mehandi designs can also be enjoyed by the kids.

The use of henna are widely known for hair dyes, and other medical purposes, that is also safe to use for kids. The natural ingredients contain in Mehandi or henna paste are mild for kids as well. There was slight difference on the style and designs for kids mehndi that coordinates well with their age.

Although there are limited supplies, the process of making the mehndi or henna paste are pretty much easier. The henna leaves are mashed with mildly acidic liquid such as lemon to release the lawsone. Lawsone is an active ingredient in henna that produce color to stain that will help last longer and stick on the skin more vibrantly.

By adding some essential oils on the Mehandi or henna paste such as tea tree oils, eucalyptus, or lavender helps improve skin stain characteristics to last for weeks.

In conclusion, mehndi designs are definitely a classic style of body arts that in the later generations have been modernized. Now, there are Arabic mehndi designs for full hands in HD images that are truly amazing. Try easy Arabic mehndi designs for bridals from online sample designs for additional inspiration. If you also visit a mehndi artist, you’ll have a full selection of the best and rare mehndi design absolutely defines your personality.