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Mehandi Tattoos:  Simple Designs – Complex Meanings

Almost by definition tattoos are the ultimate form of self-expression and individuality. After all, what can be more individualistic and personal than using one’s body as a canvas?  It is a much more intimate form of expression than a traditional painting.  However, as people seek new ways to express themselves with tattoos, some also choose to link themselves to the history of a very ancient form of tattooing – Mehandi tattoos. Mehndi or henna is a paste that is bought in a cone-shaped tube and is made into designs for men and women.  People who wear Mehandi tattoos are expressing their individuality while maintaining a link with this ancient ceremonial art form that has been practiced for more than five thousand years throughout India, Africa, and the Middle East. In these countries, the henna plant is believed to bring love and good fortune, and to protect against evil.

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Traditionally, Mehndi tattoos were worn for ceremonial occasions such as weddings in particular.  In this context Mehndi tattoos are applied to the hands and feet of brides-to-be throughout the Muslim and Indian cultures.  Brides-to-be in these cultures would have these tattoos applied to them before the wedding day.  Often, Indian women would have the groom’s name embossed in her skin to accompany the other ornate designs on the rest of her body. Legend has it that if the groom was able to find his name within those patterns, he would control the marriage; if not the bride would stay be command. In either case, the celebrants would view these sometimes complex symbols as omens of good luck and as a way to ward off evil spirits.

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But as intricate as some of the designs of Mehendi tattoos can be, this ritualistic form of expression also has an array of simpler designs for people who do not wish to commit to more elaborate drawings.  Mahendi tattoos have meanings that go beyond other traditional symbols.  The meanings behind some of the symbols are as follows:

  • Flowers ~ they symbolize joy and happiness
  • Birds ~ they are messengers (between heaven and earth)
  • Butterflies ~ transformation
  • Lotus Blossom ~ the light within / the awakening of the human soul. Grace, beauty, creativity, sensuality, femininity, and purity.
  • Elephants ~ Memory, empathy and compassion
  • Scorpion ~ love and romance, its sting is analogous to Cupid’s arrow while being stung produces the same effects as being in love – glittering eyes, breathless, heat and feverish

Some of the new latest designs of mehndi tattoos are as elaborate and beautiful as those described in the earliest Hindu Vedic ritual books.  A new collection of mehndi designs and tattoos are available on many sites recognizing the desire by many to embrace this ancient art as a new form of expression.  There are Dulhan mehndi designs for the hands and legs that possess symbols full of meaning and well as designs that adorn the arms and rest of the body.

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Of course, people who choose to express themselves using ancient art form will also wish to take care to preserve their tattoos.  People can protect them by following a tattoo care instruction sheet found on many sites.  Yes, as complex and beautiful as Mehandi tattoos can be, there are simpler and more basic designs that novices to this ancient art form can try.  They are an intersection between past and present, old and new and are an intimate form of self expression that is growing in popularity.

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