Heavy And Beautiful Bridal Mehndi Designs



What Bridal Mehndi Is

Mehndi represents the beginning of all celebrations regarding the union between two people. This is why it is the most beautiful and satisfying rite. It represents the departing of a young woman to begin a new life with her husband. The designs also signify fertility, love, and prosperity. This art form and service is a crucial part of the Hindu/Muslim wedding. Mehndi is made from an aromatic or meditative herb paste and it is then placed on the hands and palms in intricate designs.

There are many different bridal mehndi designs. Mehndi is traditionally applied a couple of days before the wedding in a ceremonial setting. Bridal Mehndi is a rite custom in parts of Asia, such as India and Pakistan. When Bridal Mehndi designs are applied to a bride’s hands it is called “Shagun.”

The time surrounding a wedding is a spiritual point for a young woman, and bridal mehndi is a part of this spiritual process and an important wedding rite. Bridal mehndi is a ceremony which is specific and unique to the time of a wedding, and brides look forward to this opportunity. Mehndi is a precious chance for the bride to have her hands and feet decorated with exquisite styles and designs. It is only one of the many elements that is essential to a beautiful and traditional wedding, but mehndi is of high regard and importance. Mehndi is also very significant for all the women who will be attending the wedding ceremony.

Wedding season is nearly upon us, so many brides and grooms are making preparations for their beautiful day. This is a day for glamor, elegance, and in many cases tradition. One of the oldest wedding traditions in Asia is the mehndi ceremony. Even though this ancient tradition stretches far into the past, across many generations and years, mehndi is still changing with the culture.

The Ancient Mehndi Tradition

Mehndi is very beautiful and since its earliest times it has spread into the western world. However, it has a strong traditional purpose and symbolic significance that many people in Asia still hold unto. Traditionally designs often differ depending on the region where a bride and groom originate from. If the groom also receives mehndi adornment it is generally more simplistic in the form of a token design. Regardless of these smaller details in design, however, mehndi still carries great importance.

There are other beliefs which are incorporated with Mehndi. One of the primary traditions is that deeper colors that do not fade very fast often foretell a happy marriage and a better relationship between the bride and her in-laws. Although mehndi is typically used on the bride there are some places where the groom will also be decorated with mehndi. Sometimes the names of both the groom and the bride will be hidden somewhere in the design and the groom must find the names.

Traditionally either a family member, sometimes the mother-in-law, or a mehndi expert will apply the herb to the bride’s hands and feet. The substance is applied by means of a cone. It is also traditional for all the women in the family to be decorated in mehndi as well. During this process there is dancing and music played on the dhol. The bride and groom generally enjoy these celebrations separately in their own homes. Of course, these traditions are not always still practiced, but Mehndi is still a very important part of the culture and its significance has not been forgotten.

Mehndi is beautiful, an act of ancient tradition, and it also has health benefits. There is another very important, practical reason that bridal mehndi has been practiced for so many generations. Weddings can be stressful, and often times this results in physical ailments such as fever and headache.

Mehndi has been used to calm the nerves and keep the body at a cooler temperature in order to stave  off the adverse effects of stress. This is another reason that the powerful medicinal herb is applied to  the nerve endings of the body in the hands and feet. It can even defend the body from viral diseases due to its antiseptic properties, ensuring that the bride and groom can have the most healthy and relaxed wedding ceremony.

Mehndi Designs

When a bride gets adorned in bridal mehndi it gives her a look that is delightful and brilliant. It is thought that the color of the mehndi design will shine throughout a bride’s life. If you want Bridal Mehndi designs that will be stunning and memorable, look at these ravishing designs for one of the biggest and most important days of your life.

As the fashion fads continue to change mehndi vogue adapts and evolves too. In older times brides would only wear mehndi on their palms and feet alone, but since then things have changed. In modern Pakistan brides now display mehndi on their legs, arms, and shoulders, in addition to hands and feet. Sometime mehndi is even employed on the back and waste, which creates a lovely, charming appearance.

-Timeless classics such as the paisley print

-Pakistani bridal mehndi designs

-Delicate and feminine floral patterns

-Punjabi bridal mehndi print

-Popular Raja and Roni motif which is reminiscent of love

-Gujrati Bridal mehndi designs

-Mehndi designs incorporating more than one color

-Bridal mehndi designs with glitter and jewels

-Rajsthani bridal mehndi pattern

The creativity and choices are virtually endless so that you can find whatever suits the bride and the specific culture best.