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Hindu Vedic texts reveal that it absolutely was a custom to use mehendi before an important religious ritual. It’s the symbolic representation of the sun that is inner and outer. Since, Vedic customs derive from the notion ‘awakening the internal light.’

Though the entire concept of mehendi is borrowed from other countries, it has got the Indian touch to it.

Indian culture is represented by mehendi, it really is widely found in decorating feet and hands during every other auspicious occasion and weddings you can think away!

How to Prepare Home-Made Mehandi Paste :-

Henna tree is also called Mignonette tree or the Egyptian Privet. It is a flowering plant that belongs to the species of Lawsonia Genus. The name ‘henna’ comes from the Arabic word ‘Hinna’. Henna is a tall shrub that is indigenous to North Western, Africa and Southern Asia, Northern Australasia, semi-arid zones and tropical countries.

You’ll not get any colour, should you utilize whole henna leaves. The proteins are bound by the molecules in the skin thus leaving behind the lovely red colour.

Henna is usually sold as a dry powder produced sifting, grinding and by drying the leaves. The henna powder has to be blended with content that is acidic with strong tea and lemon juice as well as other liquids to get the silky smooth consistency. It’s a good idea to leave the henna paste to rest four hours to release the dye. Essential oils with high levels of monoterpene alcohol like lavender, tea tree, Cajeput and Eucalyptus if added to the henna paste provides you with a dark colour. The paste is prepared to be applied to feet and your palms to produce intricate designs. Slowly, you’ll notice the dried henna falling off from your hands leaving behind the orange color, which will slowly become reddish brown. You can also scrape off the dried paste from the hand with a dull edge of the knife. Be careful not to damage yourself!

Avoid using soaps as it hinders the darkening of the colour, and chlorinated water. Warming or steaming your hands post application helps to darken the colour. Constantly make the henna paste at home to create mehendi and your tattoos. This will prevent you from unpleasant substances which might be employed in the ready-made cones sold in the marketplace.