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Mehndi designs for weddings


Weddings are great ceremonies that are full of beauty, color and life that make them the best events to attend. The bride is usually the center of attraction and so they ought to be extremely beautiful for their big day. Of course, the bride should be the most beautiful woman in the room together with all other women in attendance. In most Asian countries like India and Pakistan, mehndi designs are very common and highly regarded. The word ‘Mehndi’ is basically derived from the leaves of the henna plant. It is known as Henna in recognition of its roots.

Brides and women attending a wedding have to get them as is customarily practiced for thousands of years. Mehndi designs are also very popular in Africa and the women have embraced the beauty of mehndi designs. Usually, they are named after a particular geographic place, usually if it comes from there. It has patterns drawn, and in most cases the patterns are floral designs. For this reason, every woman deserves to have the perfect mehndi designs on a wedding ceremony, and that is where we come in.

 Why is mehndi important?

Having been the custom of many Asians and African for countless years, mehndi application is very meaningful and respected. First, it symbolizes the outer and inner sun. This essentially means that the person is as beautiful inside as they are outside. In the wedding ceremonies, it symbolizes the awakening of the inner light, which is the joy of the ceremony that is as bright as the sun.

As custom, the mehndi designs have the names or name initials of the bride and groom hidden in the patterns. This shows that they belong to each other forever.

Who can apply mehndi?

In the ancient times, mehndi was mostly applied on women. The bride had special patterns and designs and the other women also had simpler ones to make them shine beautifully during the wedding. However, the norm has been passed by time and today, even the groom and his men apply mehndi too! Everyone at the wedding ceremony ought to look their best.

Types of mehndi designs

These designs are several. They include;

  • Elegant bridal designs,
  • Classical designs,
  • Royal designs,
  • New age contemporary designs,
  • Customized designs and
  • Many other designs.

How is mehndi applied?

There are many ways of applying mehndi designs. Basically, it is an art design applied on the skin.

  1. The first way mehndi can be applied is by the application of pastes that are made from henna powder.
  2. Henna tattoos are drawn on the preferred part of the body, usually the hands or legs. It is applied on the palms of the hands, the legs, shoulders and any other body part desired.


Is Mehndi application a must in weddings?

During weddings, mehndi application is considered as mandatory, especially in Indian and Pakistani weddings. If there is no mehndi application, the wedding is deemed ‘imperfect’. This can be attributed to the customs applied in these areas, which have passed on to every generation ever since.

Mehndi design choices

There are numerous designs available to be applied in a beautiful wedding. Usually, the mehndi designs are different and the bride has her own collection of bridal mehndi to choose from. There are other mehndi designs for the sisters of the bride and her friends as they are all important players in her wedding.

The mehndi designs are selected very keenly to ensure that they are the best for the person being applied on. The design selection needs to match the brides wedding dress, so we choose them very analytically.

Have a look at some of the beautiful mehndi designs that you can get for a wedding…

  1. Bridal designs


  1. Other mehndi designs for weddings



Mehndi application is a thing that all the people intending to get them for a wedding should consider keenly. The designs are many, but you need to get the best unique designs or let us customize them for you. If you want to have a colorful, beautiful unforgettable wedding, get our mehndi designers and you will have it all. See you soon!