Rajasthani Arabic Mehndi Design Gallery


The Arabic Mehendi designs are becoming more and more popular down the years due to their enchanting layouts. The wedding events are observed with all the bride wearing elaborate designs of Henna both on legs and her hands. Now brides wear Arabic Mehendi on total hands on their wedding they appear stunning and will be executed in less time as. These layouts include complex series of paisleys, peacocks, flowers, stars as well as the leafs.

In the full hand Arabic Mehendi layout the Mehendi designs trail down the hand in curves and graceful arches with exquisite Arabic Motif. Specialist artists also choose the Arabic Mehendi fashion as it requires patience and a lot less time and there’s plenty of versatility when it comes to construction, form and colour which is often produced with Arabic Mehendi.
Modern girls also wear complete hand Arabic Mehendi with modern ensembles like designer saree gowns Palazzo Kurti and long skirt -tops. Now Mehendi hand design that is complete can be found in dazzling variety of designs.