Stylish Arabic Heeena Patterns For Contemporary Brides


Mahandi Designs have been a part Oriental culture since ancient times. Even today, Arabic Mehandi designs are becoming more and more popular every year. The complex, lovely patterns are adored by many. There are all sorts of trends that people throw on top of Mehandi designs. One popular one is the use of glitter, sequins and other materials in the patterns. Traditionally weddings are celebrated with the bride wearing beautiful Henna designs on both the hands and feet. Contemporary brides still wear Arabic Mehandi to look gorgeous during their ceremony. Wedding designs can be very elaborate containing peacocks, flowers, stars and all the other classic symbols.
Unlike Marwari Mehandi, Arabic Mahendi focuses on sleek simple designs, relying less on small intricate patterns. For a full hand Arabic Mahendi design, artist prefer the Arabic Mehandi because it doesn’t take too long and there are many different color choices. Expert artists love Arabic Mehandi because they can draw beautiful sleek lines that flow and speak of movement. People simply love full hand Arabic Mehandi designs. They go with almost any outfit and can be used for any festivity. Many modern women love to pair full hand Mehandi design with their trendy new outfits.

Mehandi Hand Designs

Mehandi designs are deeply rooted in the culture of the Oriental world for centuries. Eastern cultural and religious undertones are still quite evident in Mehandi Design. Today the art has spread to all parts of the globe and is more popular by the name Henna. This is most evident in the Arab States and Gulf region where people have injected Mehandi art into their culture out of respect and fascination. You will often see Bollywood movies portraying the rich and lavish Mehandi ceremonies. Mehandi has been embraced by the entire world in all its twirling beauty and it’s gaining popularity everyday.

We believe that Bollywood played a significant role in the popularity of Mehandi on a global scale. Arabians who are compelled towards Mehandi rituals often try to imitate their customs and add them to their own wedding ceremonies. A night is designated as Henna Night. On this night artists come to greet the bride and adorn her with beautiful Arabic Mehandi designs. Whether it’s a design for hands, feet, legs or arms it’s full of delicate beauty and intricate lines. This fusion of Perian and Indian culture makes for versatile and breathtaking designs.Usually these designs are made from Henna paste. Don’t wait, get a beautiful Mehandi design on your hand today.
Modern Arabic Mehandi designs are changes every day. This new school of Arabic Mehandi design isn’t obsessed with ornamental birds, treasures, exotic plants, roses and traditional designs like that seen in Arabic jail tattoos. The youth of today prefer a slick look that matches their contemporary style. The designs tend to be flowing, crisp and minimal yet intricate. There has been a recent trend to move away from just hands and feet. It’s all about body art with modern Arabic Mehandi designs.